How We Work

We take a ‘Sustainable Land Management’ approach to our work.

How We Work

The only limit is our collaborative imagination – yours, together with ours.

Our Commitment To You

  • We’ll communicate clearly with you
  • We’ll work with good humour, politeness and professionalism
  • We’ll consider the impact of our work on the local environment
  • We’ll work efficiently, but we won’t cut corners
  • We’ll stay until the job is completed and the site is clean and tidy

The Environment

We understand the importance of the preservation of the environment, and by using the latest accepted practices and equipment, we aim to combine the management of land, biodiversity and other environmental resources to meet your specific needs.


Many animals and habitats are now protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000. Some of the guidelines are specific to, for example, bats, nesting birds and badgers.

We use the guidelines to undertake a wildlife survey of your site, to ensure any nesting birds or protected species are identified, and how this may affect the proposed work.

We encourage the installation of bird and bat boxes in appropriate settings, and are happy to install them for you while on-site.

Bee and bug hotels are also available – although leaving habitat piles and cut stems in strategic places will also encourage diversity of wildlife and therefore minimise the impact on surrounding flora and fauna.


Where possible and appropriate, we encourage preservation and tree reduction over removal in order to minimise the impact on the local bio-diversity.

Where this is not appropriate, we encourage re-planting.


We aim to prevent pollution of land, air and water.

Should we need to refuel on site, we use spill mats to protect the area.


We promote the re-use of waste materials, such as logs and wood chip

All other green waste is disposed of responsibly at green waste recycling facilities in compliance with Environment Agency guidelines.

Carbon Footprint

We always aim to maximise fuel efficiency:

Through planning we give consideration to efficient travel routes

Vehicles and equipment are turned off when not in use

Vehicles and equipment are regularly serviced to maintain efficiency

We are working towards a paperless office – we promote use of electronic quotes and invoices where possible.

“A well-planted garden where care had to be taken that the right part of tree and hedges taken down to let sunlight in. Good job done lads!!Extremely courteous, hard working young lads who I am going to use again."

- Mr A N Bather